Akademija za likovno umetnost in oblikovanje, Ljubljana

ALUO’s contribution to the D Day Festival, titled Design is All Around Us, is a part of last years’ celebration of 30 years of design at ALUO. The exhibition presented a selection of Design Departments’ students and graduates. The exhibited projects are a great confirmation of the design programme, which covers the various design fields and regularly introduces new courses and subjects in an attempt to respond to the constant development of this profession at home, as well as abroad.

We can proudly state that many results of our graduates and professors are regularly developing our environment, fascinating us with international successes, and in fact (in spite of their scarce numbers) keep pushing the envelope. The exhibition was conceived as a three phase experimental research project run by a small group of mentors and students. A wider selection of projects was first shown at Kongresni trg in Ljubljana in October 2014. More information about the school and the projects will be also available in the book Oblikovanje je povsod okoli nas/Design is all around us. ALUO 30: 1984-2014 (ALUO, Ljubljana 2014).

4_foto jure miklavc_DSC00375 2_foto Karim Shalaby-51